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Dirt Track Racing

Found a new game to play that I really like: Dirt Track Racing Two from Rat Bag Games.
I found the first issue of this game and I thought they had really done a great job on the build. The graphics were a little less than great, but it was a nearly ten year old game and I installed it and was able to play it on my Win 7 machine, so I can’t complain too hard.
I found the second issue on eBay for a few bucks and it’s even better.
The second issue, Dirt Track Racing 2 is a slightly newer game, 2002 release, still old facing today’s tech, and the producer, RatBag games is now defunct and the games are hard to find but can be downloaded from some of the old game servers around the internet, but be careful, viruses abound. Better to do what I did and pay a few bucks, literally 7 bucks, and own the entire game, virus free if it interests you. (Amazon or eBay).

Okay, so, big deal, a sixteen year old game. Yes, big deal, because I haven’t seen anything that works as well. The feel of the racing, the feel of the track, very well done. Version two has car damage that looks very good too, but the real big deal is that with the game RatBag released an editor and a way to unzip the pf files that hold most of the information with the game.
That made a way to design your own cars and tracks and they even gave an in depth how-to to make it work. I tried it, because I love stuff like that, and it worked.
So after they released it gamers grabbed it, started their own racing leagues, built tracks, cars, mods for the game and more. I downloaded many tracks and cars and tried them and they work easily. I found a few editors, tried them, and they also work easily. The modeler editor allows you to take the Dirt Track Two 3D Model format (DE2) and export it to 3DS, you can then mod the car or track and then import your modded 3DS model as a new DE2 model: Car; track, whatever.

RatBag made a few games based on the same Difference 2 3D engine for PC.

DirtTrack Racing 1 and 2
Dirt Track racing: Sprint Cars
World of Outlaws: Sprint Cars
Leadfoot (4×4 truck Stadium racing)

According to what I read the editors will work for LeadFoot and both DirtTrack racing editions. I know from a few searches and downloads that the cars and tracks are interchangeable.

I adjusted my video performance to 1280×1024 32 bit, right in the software and it performs flawlessly. I tried exporting and importing with the editor. I used Open FX to load the 3DS model the editor generated and had no trouble with it. I even took it into Ultimate Unwrap to test it out: Again, no problem.

So if you are looking for a cheap game that you can mod ’til your heart’s content, and that will keep you entertained for hours check out Dirt Track Racing two.

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