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Writing from my laptop. I hate laptops, but I picked up this Lenovo for a great price, a quad core AMD APU, no hard drive, touchscreen inoperable, no OS. I could keep the touchscreen with a WIN 8 reinstall from the bios, but I wanted 10 and there are, as yet, no drivers for it.
I installed a one terabyte drive, the twin that I used in David Maxon‘s build (He owns The Escape Works), a hybrid SATA at 6 GB a sec plus Solid State.

I installed WIN 10 PRO and all my programs I need and use on it; so I can write, build games and models, my Steam account is installed too, the hardest part was the new MS Edge.

I stopped using Chrome after the browser was hacked. I was one of the lucky ones who had the unauthorized program installed. Google assured me they would remove it; they didn’t, and so I switched to the new Edge. Ironic, but the new Edge looks and acts an awful lot like Chrome.
Edge, however requires you to use an MS account; through that they sync all your data, and it works well, except I have three MS accounts: 1 for the 12 domains I own. It is separate so that I can keep my webmaster account on both Bing and Google separate from my personal account. 2 for my author domains and pages. Again, to keep things separate, and 3 my personal account. Easy? No, because it doesn’t like to change accounts easily. In any case, I finally got it to work and sync.
And, of course this test, which it seems to have passed well. I hate laptops, but I can sit in my living room and type this instead of heading over to my office, on the other side of the house. I can send books, fill eBay and website orders, everything I can do on my desktop. Cool.
Speaking of desktop, I liked the way David Maxon’s build ran so well (He has the quad core A-10 processor, this laptop has an A-8 quad core, slightly slower mhz) that I decided to buy a second board like that and build another to replace my huge 8 core XEON. (I built all of the computers Escape works uses for their rooms and daily operations.)

Looking, I was disheartened to find that COVID has still tripled and quadrupled the price of Motherboards, cases, and pretty much anything computer related.
So I checked and found that one of the suppliers I work with just got a huge buyout of office machines, HP boards with??? You guessed it A-8 quad core AMD APU’s. Awesome. And, eighty bucks with a fresh WIN 10 Pro install, a 250 GB HD and 8 GB of RAM. So it’s on the way. My two GEFORCE cards will transfer; the APU will also allow me to use the built in graphics, so it will run my 6 monitors easily.

I think the above AD had just been listed, about three days ago. 29 sold out just like that, not hard to see why though.

If you don’t know, the HP MB is proprietary. It wont fit your standard ATX MB case without some work, and in the case it is in, I can’t utilize my full-size Graphic cards, or easily add Terabyte 3.5 drives. But, an atx case with a removable rear case area for the cards and the IO area, drill out the rivets, flip it, re-install it the opposite way and you have a case that works perfectly. Most modern cheap ATX cases are made from interchangeable parts with most manufacturers, so the same case can have several lives as it is reconfigured, riveted and born again. So, updating to a modern case and 800 watt PS, won’t be hard at all. essentially I’ll have the same APU I paid 400 bucks for, in a modern case, with a modern PS that will allow me to drive the Graphic cards, and leave plenty of power for the processor, drives, etc., for les than a hundred bucks.
Anybody in need of an 8 core Dual Xeon machine relatively soon? I put a lot of work into this build, including a hacked together case. Very fast, but takes up a lot of real estate on my desktop.

And, lastly, we had hoped to see the end of the wasps last week when my nephew Tom sprayed them down, and they went away for a few days, but they came back like a Sweet family reunion, all of them pissed and ready to fight. Today we received a new shipment of Wasp spray, and I used an entire can on their areas. Dead Wasps everywhere. 2 spare cans if the rest of their buddies show up. It took two weeks for Walmart to get more spray, apparently we are not the only ones in need of it.
I watch a YouTube show, This Farm Wife, and her husband was attacked by wasps the other day, stung eleven times.
And, for real lastly, did you know that you can edit on your Kindle? I did not know it, but discovered it by accident. Put your finger on the word and hold it steady, it will turn blue tinted, and allow you to leave a note-edit the word, or phrase. Awesome, so I am editing Fig Street which turns out to be a far more violent book than I remembered when I wrote it; even so, I love the storyline. It’s a good read.
Okay. Happy Tuesday, and stay safe. BTW: I see Biden choose his running mate: First woman VP, first Black woman VP, first Spanish woman VP, or, more Trump… Dell.

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