By Dell Sweet

Off to their left the city was easy to spot. There were fires all through it. In some places huge sections were on fire, in others it was scattered fires. There were no areas that didn’t seem to be affected, and with the fires it was easy to track the edge of the cities as they drove…

“Yeah? I think you like the idea of me… I think it might even hold together in a situation like this… At least for a while. And I think you could talk me into that comfort we could give each other, and I think you would feel completely different about me once that happened. You would think it meant that we were together, and it wouldn’t mean that at all. It would mean we were scared, and we took some comfort in each other… Because the attraction was there, and because it can just be about that sometimes.” She drew a breath. “But I think then I would go from princess to whore, because that’s the way this world works, princess to whore in sixty seconds. I’ve seen it… I’ve felt it… And then I lose my friend, and I also hurt my friend, because he doesn’t want to see it, I mean really see it for what it is.” She reached one hand up and pushed Johnny’s hair away from his eyes…

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